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short answer:

did you forgot to launch move_group.launch !?

long answer:

Answering in a robot agnostic way, because this can happen not only with Baxter but with other robots as well...

The srdf file is autogenerated by moveit setup assistant and located under my_moveit_config_pkg/config/my_robot_name.srdf

It gets loaded into the parameter server by the file my_moveit_config_pkg/launch/planning_context.launch specifically in the line :

<!-- The semantic description that corresponds to the URDF --> <param name="$(arg robot_description)_semantic" textfile="$(find my_moveit_config_pkg)/config/my_robot_name.srdf" />

So if /robot_semantic_description param is not found in param server most probably you forgot to launch move_group.launch interface (that calls planning_context.launch), another possibility is that you have modified manually the moveit automatically generated files or probably is being pushed under a namespace (do rosparam list | grep robot_semantic_description to check)