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Follow the building and installation steps given here.

Take a look here at the launch files. Choose one that suits you best or write your own and do a remap of the topics on either cartographer side or your camera. Launch both your own node and cartographer and this should work. A simple example would be:

  <param name="robot_description"
    textfile="$(find robot_descriptopn)/urdf/my_robot.urdf.xacro" />

  <node name="cartographer_node" pkg="cartographer_ros"
     type="cartographer_node" args="
    -configuration_directory $(find cartographer_ros)/configuration_files
    -configuration_basename test.lua"

  <node name="cartographer_occupancy_grid_node" pkg="cartographer_ros"
     type="cartographer_occupancy_grid_node" args="-resolution 0.05" />