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The situation changed slightly over the last two years. You can compile a complete ROS distribution (I tried kinetic) with

catkin build --cmake-args -DPYTHON_VERSION=3.6

assuming you setup a whole core workspace with something like

rosinstall_generator --rosdistro kinetic desktop_full

This works more or less for the core ROS system. I just filed a few patches to make it even work with MoveIt.

However, Dirk's comment is still true. Sadly even in ROS-melodic (which very few people are using already) there is no enforced python3 support. By now, this is simply hilarious. But ROS2 will of course make everything better... :/

I had to fix a few lines of code in a number of packages I use myself (including tf), but they are all straight-forward python2-3 compatibility issues that are well documented.

So everyone, feel free to try it out and file patches if you find more python2-only code somewhere! We are not that far away from Python3 support anymore.