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The tf2_ros interface, which pre-dates lifecycle nodes and the node interfaces in rclcpp, would need to be updated to take the "node interfaces" that it uses, which are the common element between Node and LifecycleNode. For example, maybe it should instead take a pointer to rclcpp::node_interfaces::NodeTopicsInterface and a pointer to an instance of rclcpp::node_interfaces::NodeParametersInterface instead of a pointer to a node.

A separate question is whether or not tf2_ros should create lifecycle topics or normal topics (should it work only in certain lifecycle states or always)?

I'd recommend opening an issue on the ros2/geometry2 issue tracker ( asking about this. I'm not sure if anyone will have time to implement this for you, but if you're interesting in contributing this feature for tf2 that would probably be a quicker way to get a solution for this.