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Having slam_gmapping and rtabmap running at the same time is not very useful and it can potentially break the TF tree as they would publish the same TF (/map->/odom). They are both SLAM approaches, they are not meant to be working together. Choose one or the other.

For rtabmap, in the output of rostopic hz, we cannot see if /camera/depth/image_rect is published. If not, it could be the problem. If it is published, you may increase the queue_size parameter to be able to synchronize the topics with different frame rate.

Another note, if your odometry from IMU+Encoders is not very accurate, it is posible to refine odometry with the scan in rtabmap by setting RGBD/NeighborLinkRefining to true (similarly to Kinect+Odometry+2D laser example).

The voxel_cloud is only used for visualization. It constructs a point cloud from RGB-D images to be visualized in RVIZ.