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I think that the Bumbleebee will work for what you are looking at.

Generally, stereo vision is going to be a little less accurate than a structured light approach (like the Kinect), especially with fine grain details.

I know that in my experimentation with the Bumbleebee, hands and arms come through fairly well, but fingers tend to show up as a "mitten" with no fine detail.

As for Bumbleebee support in ROS, it's a bit fragmented. Unfortunately, Point Grey hasn't release an updated library that will work with the newer Ubuntu systems. Because of this, using their libraries natively with ROS is impossible.

It is still possible to capture images from the Bumbleebee and then run them through OpenCV's stereo block matcher (what is used in stereo_image_proc), but you lose the benefit of Point Grey's factory calibration for rectification.