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I have never used Grey Chameleon3 cameras, but I assume that you are using it as a stereo camera. Make sure you check Rtabmap setup for stereo camera for details on how you should setup your nodes. You can either use Stereo-A/Stereo-B methods depending on which works best for your case.

I would follow these steps to debug:

  1. Check for stereo camera output; make sure your camera node is publishing the frames
  2. Ensure that camera frame to base link transform is being published. Make sure the camera topic headers have same frame names.
  3. Check your odometry (stereo/wheel/lidar/fused) output and make sure the rtabmap is subscribing to that topic.

Once the rtabmap ros node is connected to correct camera topics and finds the right transforms, it should start building map (in mapping mode) and publish map->odom transform. You can use rosrun rqt_graph rqt_graph to view your connected topics and rorun tf view_frames to view frames.