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I've had a look at the laser_line_extraction package and it extracts line segments from a single laser scan message. How are you building a map out of these lines?

There seems to be a step missing. The gmapping package aligns many laser scans with each other to create a single global map. It uses a regular grid to store this map so many scans can be easily added to it.

To make a vector based map you'd have to do the same steps but with line segments which is far more complicated to implement.

To save these maps you would need to use a standard vector format (svg, dxf, etc) or your own custom one. The pgm file format used by gmapping stores raster images so cannot store vector information.

I don't know of any out of the box ROS system that can achieve what you want but it would be a good project to get stuck in and build them.

Hope this makes sense.