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nxt_lejos is at any early stage of development, and has not yet been used by anyone other than the developers.

Your problem is probably that pccomm.jar does not exist in the expected directory. You may need to edit the export section of manifest.xml and build.xml to change the paths to those used on your system, and then run rosmake. You will probably also need to build leJOS or install a Linux version of leJOS 0.9.1 on your system. To build from source, you can run the ant build.xml file in the snapshot directory.

There is a better replacement for lcp_proxy now - nxt_lejos_proxy, but that will probably have the same problems. There are installation instructions and a tutorial for nxt_lejos_proxy, but they have not yet been tested and will need improvement. nxt_lejos_proxy uses the parameter server and does not need the properties file.