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A somewhat generic answer to all questions:

From the ROS side installation in /opt/ros/electric (via apt) or in ~/ros_ws (via svn) shouldn't matter. It's just some paths in the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH to find things. When ROS looks for a package it walks through the package path and takes the first that matches.

The usual workflow for most users is to install ROS via apt and have their own code locally (i.e. in ~). Sometimes you also want to have ROS code locally to modify it. Installed code in /opt should never be modified (including, etc.) as you update this via apt-get and everything will be overwritten. It is better to adapt those things locally (e.g. extend ROS_PACKAGE_PATH in your bashrc). Local code you update from svn.

_7. If you have set them up to be there it is OK. If they surprise you, you might have double code. Make sure that always the one is used that you want (rospack find pkg shows that)

_8. apt-get

_9. yes