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Hi Kathirn,

I think that your error is just that you missing some control packages in your system. The first two types of warnings that you are posting are not actual errors that make the simulation crash. However the third type, is the one that is indicating that something is wrong with the controllers. Since I believe you have not modified the PR2 simulation, and I know that the PR2 simulation for Kinetic works of the shelf, then the only thing that remains to check is if you have installed all the required ROS controller packages for PR2.

I have created a video showing step by step how to check all that. You can find it here

In any case, this is the list of packages that you should look for being installed in your system:

1st- Gazebo - ROS controllers

  • ros-kinetic-ros-control
  • ros-kinetic-ros-controllers

  • ros-kinetic-controller-interface

  • ros-kinetic-controller-manager
  • ros-kinetic-controller-manager-msgs

  • ros-kinetic-gazebo-ros

  • ros-kinetic-gazebo-ros-control

  • ros-kinetic-joint-state-controller

  • ros-kinetic-joint-trajectory-controller
  • ros-kinetic-effort-controllers
  • ros-kinetic-velocity-controllers

2nd- PR2 robot specific controllers

  • ros-kinetic-pr2-controller-manager
  • ros-kinetic-pr2-controllers
  • ros-kinetic-pr2-controller-interface
  • ros-kinetic-pr2-controller-configuration-gazebo

  • ros-kinetic-pr2-mechanism-controllers

  • ros-kinetic-pr2-mechanism
  • ros-kinetic-pr2-mechanism-diagnostics
  • ros-kinetic-pr2-mechanism-model