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The goal of our documentation is to show how to use Jenkins, but not to teach how to use Jenkins. There are lots of good free standing Jenkins tutorials from Jenkins experts, going through some of the top hits here will be the best way to learn about Jenkins.

For most of your questions you need to be much more concrete about what you're doing for us to be able to help you. For example I can't tell you if what you did was correct if you don't show what you did.

For your specific question:

Is there a better way (may be a structural way) to actually tell me, what I should be doing in Import ROS packages which are not built by the custom build farm ? Like could you be more specific on where should I place the import_distro.yaml file ? May be an example would be great. And also I have no idea how to invoke import_upstream job. Could you please be clear here ?

As stated in the documentation you can place the file anywhere on that machine. Then to run it you click the "Build with Parameters" button for the import_upstream job. And on the configuration page you should enter the path to the file from above in the config_file parameter field, and then click "Build". How would you want that to be better or "structurally" different?