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Refer to this link. There you 'll find some guidelines regarding setting state space/bounds, using existing planners in ompl, setting start/goal states and find solution.

These are the following steps basically(for example SE2):-

//1. construct the instance of state space we are planning in->for mobile base SE2

ompl::base::StateSpacePtr space(new ompl::base::SE2StateSpace());

//2. get bounds from worldmap and set it to bounds for the planner

ompl::base::RealVectorBounds bounds(2);

//3. Create an instance of ompl::geometric::SimpleSetup

ompl::geometric::SimpleSetup simple_setup(space);

//4. Set state validity checker

simple_setup.setStateValidityChecker(boost::bind(&Function_Name, this, _1));

//7. set start and goal state to planner

simple_setup.setStartAndGoalStates(ompl_scoped_state_start, ompl_scoped_state_goal);

//8 Set Planner type

ompl::base::SpaceInformationPtr si_ptr = simple_setup.getSpaceInformation();
ompl::base::PlannerPtr target_planner_ptr(new ompl::geometric::EST(si_ptr));

//9. Solve


Hope this helps.