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I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to get the electric stacks to work. I got the latest releases for electric, turtlebot-robot, turtlebot-viz. While I got the diamond back stacks to work (teleop, Dashboard) with the only change being the baud rate in the driver section, I couldn't get any part of the electric stacks to work. I did change the baud rate in the electric stacks.

In using the minimal.launch or the launch file suggested by Lorenz, none of the functionality is there. There are SCI errors, the laptop battery can't be read, the diagnostics fail. On either launch, the dash board that comes up is entirely greyed out. I would guess that the baud rate is not being accounted for, but that doesn't explain why it can't read the laptop battery.

So I am falling back to diamondback to continue my Turtlebot EU development.