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While it's good to start your own project, I do recommend you to get some ROS books and play with the code a lot, I've used "Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming" and it's quite good and you can follow their code with their repo here. It goes quite in depth and guides you towards areas like motion planning, perception, sensor use, arduinos, raspberries and the whole stack, even some ROS Industrial like in the image: image description

Also, another piece of beauty is "Programming Robots with ROS" their repo is here, that book was made by the official maintainers of ROS, the OSRF guys. Be aware that this one is mostly in python, while the Master ROS book is mostly C++, so it's also good to keep that in mind.

I do like Peter's suggestion of getting hands on a project, but it wouldn't hurt at all to play with some already finished products to see how it all goes.

Best of luck!!!