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First, turn debug mode off. It will drastically affect performance and fill your hard drive up in a hurry.

  1. odometry/gps has no orientation. It only has X, Y, and, if configured, Z. You're not measuring yaw from odometry_gps in your EKF config, so it won't affect your output.
  2. As above.
  3. I'd need more information for this. While I realize you posted a bag, reviewing bag files eats a lot of time, so I would request that you add sample input messages for each sensor message that you have. Ordinarily, that behavior is a result of not measuring enough state variables and having your covariance explode in something that isn't being measured, but your configuration doesn't suggest that it should be happening here.

BTW, you have a yaw_offset param inside both the navsat_transform_node and EKF config, and the EKF doesn't have such a parameter.

The IMU-and-GPS-alone use case isn't one that I've had a lot of success with, owing to biases in acceleration data, but YMMV.