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Even though you refer to branches with ROS release names in them, this is essentially a non-ROS question. To really understand what is going on, I would suggest you take a look at a git / github tutorial or two.

As to your question:

I can add more commits to the PR which will fix the failing tests, but I don't know how to fix the conflict in the PR. Do I rebase my branch to the head of the lunar-devel branch?

Rebasing is probably easiest, provided you have no history that you must preserve.

Also, it seems that the lunar-devel branch has some failed tests and therefore the PR also has some failed tests. How can I resolve this?

That is obviously not something we can answer here, as, as @jayess already noted, we don't know which "pull request" and which particular "lunar-devel branch" you are referring to.

In general though, failures that are not caused by your PR are typically not considered as blockers for a merge.

But this can, and will, differ between repositories, as it's up to the maintainers.

You'll have to ask them.