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I decided to use an xml configuration file to build SMACH trees.
Here is an example:

  <task label="movetest">
    <sequence loops="10">
      <subtask label="gohome" />
        <action node="AxisX1" cmd="Goto" pos="0.2"/>
        <action node="AxisX2" cmd="Goto" pos="-0.3"/>
        <action node="AxisX1" cmd="Goto" pos="0.5"/>
        <delay seconds="1.2"/>
        <action node="AxisX2" cmd="Goto" pos="-0.1"/>
  <task label="gohome">
      <action node="AxisX1" cmd="Goto" pos="0.0"/>
      <action node="AxisX2" cmd="Goto" pos="0.0"/>


  • the "gohome" and "movetest" tasks becomes toplevel states in a SMACH state machine. These tasks can be executed by referring to their name,
  • a task may reference another task (subtask)
  • action tags translate to a SimpleActionState with conventions on what action server to call based on attributes "node" and "cmd"
  • sequence and concurrent tags translate into SMACH sequence and concurrence containers