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If all you're looking for is a way to charge your batteries without having to take them off your vehicle, all you need to do is to branch off the power and ground wires from your pack, along with the balancer cable to a connector. Then you can connect that your charger. You can monitor battery voltage using a analog to digital converter on an arduino which can be running rosserial-arduino that posts the pack voltage. With this information you can have your robot handle an undervoltage condition.

To keep your batteries operating normally, all you have to do is to make sure you do not discharge them past the cutoff and also use a balancer each time you charge them.

However you can buy lipo packs with a protection circuit monitor that handles balancing on their own and also watch out for other stuff such as shorts, undercharging and undercurrent. I HIGHLY recommend you buy a pack that has such a protection circuit already built in, such as this one:

You can buy a PCM on its own here: but this will take lots of effort and troubleshooting to debug.

Battery management systems that interface with your robotic system, where you are monitoring every pack voltage and temperature along with real time discharge rates and required for chemistries other than LiPo, such as LiFePo4. With LiPo, you are fine with a PCM and just using a balancer on the charging cycle.