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The issue has been solved. A friend of mine helped me out and figured out that there were two pinhole_camera_model.h files that existed on my computer. One in /opt/ros/kinetic/include/image_geometry while the other was in the vision_opencv package pulled from the Git repo. These two files were the same, except for their data type choice of shared_ptr<image_geometry::PinholeCameraModel::Cache. The one within /opt/kinetic... was of type boost:shared_ptr... while the one from the Git repo was of type std::shared_ptr..... Since pinhole_camera_model.cpp included pinhole_camera_model.h , it had chosen that from /opt/kinetic/... instead of that from the repo. To fix this, the filename of the header file from the repo was changed. Along with changing the filename in include statement of the source file and the filename int he CMakeLists.txt file of my package, the build issue was solved.