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tl;dr: It looks like the Jackal has a fairly complex network setup; you should contact clearpath support and ask for their advice.

longer answer and thoughts:

br0 is part of the linux network bridging subsystem; it looks like the Jackal is running some kind of network bridge that spans multiple interfaces. I can't really tell how it's used from your limited description.

On the jackal, I see that eth0 is UP but not RUNNING, which indicates that linux doesn't think there's a cable plugged into that interface. Are you sure eth0 is the interface you're using?

In general if you only access your robot over SSH, changing its network configuration is a good way to get locked out, and playing around with a network configuration that you don't understand is a great way to break things.

It may be easier to change the IP address on the velodyne so that its source address is on the same subnet as the Jackal (try , and the destination address is the broadcast address for that subnet (looks like that's ; and then configure the velodyne driver to match that.