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Hey Marcel,

thanks for the detailed writeup.

The message indicating that the state Error Free was reached is perfectly normal. As you have terminated the software with the nodes still running before (as you have not disconnected the power) the NMT registers that the nodes are in a different state than expected. This warrants a state change and subsequent error clearing after which the EMCY reports that all errors have been cleared.

However, after that the nodes are re-initialized and a commutation search is done. As stated in another question (see ) we have identified a sleep which most likely triggers a PDO-timeout during this routine. Your log states that an RPDO timeout has occurred so it might be the same issue. You could also try the snippet stated there and see if that brings any change.

Please tell me if that worked of the problem still remains. If successful the patch will of course be applied to the master.

Best Regards Georg