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Managed to solve this - not sure which step exactly was the fix but as I've been having trouble getting Turtlebot set up with the TK1 lately I've laid out the steps below in case anyone else is going through this process:

NB. Note that order here seems to be important

  1. Flash with Jetpack 2.2 (this is the 21.4 L4T) - make sure to uncheck the OpenCV installation, it's too new for ROS
  2. Perform the kernel tweaks needed to run the Realsense camera - even if you're not using it - ros-indigo-turtlebot & associated packages won't install without citing uvcvideo errors
  3. Install ROS using the ROS for ARM scripts provided here - make sure to do the network configuration
  4. Then install Turtlebot the normal way
  5. Then install the Grinch kernel
  6. Make sure Kobuki is the only FTDI device plugged in and run the Kobuki udev setup

This worked for me - Turtlebot/Jetson TK1 on L4T 21.4/ROS Indigo - not sure if I was having a udev issue, an issue with current draw from using the Jetsonhacks postFlash script which maxes CPU usage, or just made a configuration mistake. If I was braver I might try all this with Jetpack 3.0 and ROS Kinetic as dependencies are starting to become tricky with this setup - if anyone else has had success let me know!