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I solved this problem and posted a solution here on/around Feb 16, 2016. A few days later, I was forced to remove the solution by my research advisor. I am no longer working on the project that motivated my solution, so I'm reposting it now in case it helps someone still having issues.

Source code for the amcl, robot_localization, and diff_drive_controller ROS Indigo packages were modified to introduce namespacing. The "map" frame serves as the global frame that allows multiple instances of localization. Please see this github repo. Package dependencies are included in a shell script in the root of the repo. Also, there is an example ROS node, leader_follower, that operated on two huskies: the first is controlled using keyboard teleop, and the second one follows the first one around.

The only outstanding issue that I didn't get around to working on is that models in rviz launch in the center of the frame no mater where the husky vehicle is launched in Gazebo. This is very annoying and it would be great if someone could solve that problem.

I wish this could have been in everyone's hands 14 months ago, but such is life.