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TeleKyb seems to be a framework to control quadrotor UAVs. According to the vrep_ros_bridge git site:

It is possible that you will not need all the sub-plugins provided by the vrep_ros_bridge. A common case is the one in which you do not need to use the TeleKyb framework (if you do not know what TeleKyb is, it is likely that you will not need it). To ignore this sub-plugin you need to add the file CATKIN_IGNORE in the sub-plugin folder that you do not need (as it is done in quadrotor_tk_handler).

To do this, go to the sub-plugin directory called quadrotor_tk_handler and add the CATKIN_IGNORE file in it like this :

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/vrep_ros_bridge/quadrotor_tk_handler

You can look up the rest of the instructions the site. I was able to install it without any problems. Hope that helps.