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I played a little bit with my RK01 and it was somwhat frustrating ...

Sensors not working Can you confirm the sensors of your RK are working ? (GPS, Accelerometer, magnetometer, proximity sensors, IR) I could not get any data from these sensors. If only mine are not working, I'll not be able to teach him something more. Even simple remote control of the robot could be difficult to implement without any sensor data (except for the camera).

ARM Software In order to facilitate access to the ROS plateform it would be great to get onboard a real linux OS, an Ubuntu one would be perfect. Ubuntu ARM exists for RaspberryPI with access to complete ROS packages and linux libaries. But for now I was not able to simply change the rom image with another mtk6572 Android ROM (in order to check sensors).

Electronics I opened it sometimes so I'm interested in your knowledge about the RK01 ins and outs. I compared camera and display port and it seem very different from those of the RaspberryPI. The underlying idea was to replace the board with somewhat more powerful and open source. But in this way we simply loose alla the mtk6572 onboard sensors, and probably to camera and display ...

Lack of Apps RK01 lacks in dedicated android apps. Some are in Chinese. Some are not working.

Maybe I'll try to cook an alternative Android ROM or get access to sensors data in some way. It would be great to have an RK working on its factory board. Here we need an Android expert :/