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Thanks to Patrick Goebel, the author of the book, ros by example.

With my situation, I have to do below steps:

1, change to normal user

2, post-installation

3, move /root/catkin_ws to /home/NORMAL_USER

4, change the authority for /home/NORMAL-USER/catkin_ws

5,remove build/ and devel/ in the catkin_ws

6, rebuild your catkin_ws

7,add path to ~/.bashrc

8,source ~/.bashrc

Here are part of detailed illustrations:

2, after change to normal user ,as for my case, shawn. Reference to official tutorial 1.5 initiate rosdep and 1.6 environment setup , do post-installation step.


sudo mv -a /root/catkin_ws /home/shawn/


sudo chown -R shawn:shawn ~/catkin_ws


~/catkin_ws$ rm -fr build devel


echo "source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc