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Gazebo doesn't have fluid simulation, so it would have to be some other visual indicator involving motion of rigid bodies or lights.

You could have a brightly colored object with no <collision> that is on a linear/prismatic actuator that retracts inside another object that hides it when off, then is set to protrude out and become visible when the valve is on.

Lights aren't yet well integrated, it looks like there is now a pull request to make it possible to attach lights to a robot though that will take a while to make it into a major gazebo release and be integrated with gazebo_ros. It is possible to create a light through the gazebo_ros spawn model service and then turn the light on and off through another service call, and it could also be manually positioned through a gazebo ros topic interface to move around with a mobile robot.

You might also consider only putting visual indicators of this sort in rviz visualizations (a Marker could change color from red to green very easily in rviz) instead of gazebo.