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Well, your workspace setup is crooked (at least to the CMakeLists.txt and we do have nothing else).

I see the following paths:

  • src/mpu6050/include/mpu6050 -> this seems like include files, but they are in src?
  • include/mpu6050 -> but there are .cpp files?
  • src/mpu6050/src/mpu6050_node.cpp -> this is the file with the error
  • include -> this is where you say the mpu6050.h is?

And this is all in the following directory: /home/ahmed/catkin_ws/src/mpu6050/src/mpu6050_node.cpp?

So my next question is: Where is your CMakeLists.txt? It seems to me you have the CMakeLists.txt directly in catkin_ws which is just wrong.

Best put the full workspace on github, not only the CMakeLists.txt so that we can try to reproduce.