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RViz needs to know what the incoming messages are relative to, which in RViz is always called the Fixed Frame.

In this case you have your Fixed Frame set to map, but that isn't published by any authority in your node graph. So RViz complains that it cannot find the map frame. That in turn causes the entire visualisation of incoming data to fail, as the Fixed Frame is always at the root of all of RViz's transforms.

In this particular case, I'm guessing you only have a single node publishing your sensor_msgs/Imu msg. So to get RViz to succesfully visualise that data, you'll have to configure it to use your imu frame as the Fixed Frame.

Obviously, something's not configured correctly, but these messages are unusably vague.

But it is one which has a lot of Q&As that turn up in a search. And I'm sure I'm biased, but the error message does state what is actually wrong.

It would be nice if you could improve on the error message though: if you have an idea how to do that, I'm sure a PR would be accepted over at ros-visualization/rviz.