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Many of the problems with incorrect compiler flags on non x86_64 platform have been solved in the latest SDK from Parrot (3.10.1). I maintain a slightly patched (and leaner) version of parrot_arsdk here which compiles fine on i386 and 32-bit arm architectures. This patched version is released as an standalone binary and you can install it by running sudo apt-get install ros-VERSION-parrot-arsdk on your pi or C2 (assuming ROS repositories are setup correctly).

As of today, the released version is at version 3.9.x. The 3.10.x release will come out during the next ROS release (sync) cycle. You can get it from ROS shadow-fixed repositories.

At the moment bebop_autonomy does not use this version of parrot_arsdk. Instead it builds it inline during compilation. This will change soon. To see an example of how to force bebop_autonomy to use the packaged parrot_arsdk, take a look at the following branch of bebop_autonomy: . Specifically the changes in bebop_driver/package.xml and bebop_driver/CMakeLists.txt.