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The issue is definitely that you are usingzsh as your default shell. On line 178 of the script, you can see they start a new shell using the SHELL environment variable with the argument --rcfile. zsh doesn't have this argument available, and that is what triggers your error. If you want to use this script as-is, you can't use zsh. If you want zsh and this script, then you'll need to debug the script a bit

Just FYI, I personally never use the script when working with Baxter. All the script really does is ensure that you have set the ROS_MASTER_URI and the ROS_HOSTNAME/ROS_IP environment variables correctly. I manage these variables with my own scripts and avoid their script primarily because

  • their script requires you to actually edit it to update some of the variables -- this is not convenient for me. I work with multiple Baxter's that use the same workspace. I don't like needing to constantly change the script.
  • I don't like how they automatically change my prompt to be such a long string. I have a highly customized prompt, and don't want it to be messed with.