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Per the documentation on

The default verbosity level is INFO, so DEBUG statements will not be seen by default.

If DEBUG is enabled, it goes to stdout and the /rosout topic. You can view the /rosout topic with rqt_console.

The docs also describe how to set the log level, to enable DEBUG:

Setting Verbosity Levels

There are three ways of setting verbosity levels on a roscpp node. The first is through a configuration file which sets the verbosity level for every node in the system, the second is at runtime through the rqt_logger_level (former rxloggerlevel) or rqt_console (former rxconsole) tools, and the third is programmatically through the rosconsole API:

I recommend starting with rqt_console because it allows you to view the log messages and all of the loggers and modify the verbosity level at run-time.