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These are challenging situations as rtabmap don't handle explicitly moving objects. On mapping mode, moving objects are added to map only when the camera is moving.

  • 2D: For /rtabmap/proj_map and /rtabmap/grid_map occupancy grid topics, objects/people will be cleared when we scan again the same area (if now empty).
  • 3D: For /rtabmap/cloud_map, moving objects cannot be cleared. However, /rtabmap/octomap_cloud can clear objects in 3D.

For doors, if we assume that memory management can keep all data in the map online, it will be the latest state (opened or closed) of the door.

Note that it could be possible to filter some dynamic objects in the frames before feeding them to rtabmap. Doing so, we could mask some parts of the depth image to avoid adding these objects in the map.