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This looks like the correct mating connector, but I haven't bought one to verify it:

Molex makes many versions of the mating connector and crimp pins, with variations in temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, material and cost. These can usually be found through the "Mating Product" and "Associated Product" sections on the part page on DigiKey.

The company where I work has a Molex Mini-Fit crimper ($300+), so I borrow that when I need to make cables, but it doesn't scale well for hobbyists. If you have access to one, this housing should be reasonable: . Depending on your wire size you can go from that to individual crimp pins.

If you buy crimp pins for hand crimping, CHOOSE BULK PACKAGING, not tape. Bulk connectors come pre-separated, tape connectors come attached to a metal tape and need to be cut off before you can use them in the hand crimper.