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I assume you are using this USB-to-CAN device. You are right ros_canopen only supports SocketCAN interface. If you want to use another kernel driver i.e. ECI you will have to implement a custom driver plugin. You could have a look at how socketcan_interface is implemented in ros_canopen here.

That being said it seems that your USB-to-CAN device also supports SocketCAN. The driver is located here. So you could have a look at it.

Another question is does your robot use OpenCAN protocol? If it does not then ros_canopen package might not be suitable for you at all. And even if your robot does support OpenCAN you might have to implement additional profiles because ros_canopen for now only supports basic (301) and motion control (402) profiles. But I can not comment on that more without knowing what robot you are trying to control.

Hopefully that helps to clarify things a bit.