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If you look at the vicon_bridge wiki page, you'll notice the only green status indicator at the top is "Documented" --- there is no "Released" or "Continuous integration" as compared to, for example, camera_calibration. This was my first indication that this package isn't released on Indigo. I then checked apt-cache search vicon to verify that the package isn't available on apt-get (which is exactly what your error says). So the basic problem is the package you want to install has not been released to the ROS build farm. Thus, you can't install a pre-built binary from apt-get. So, we need to build this package from source:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
git clone
rosdep install -r --from-paths vicon_bridge/
cd ~/catkin_ws/

Those commands will clone the package into your workspace (you may need to adjust the path), verify you have system dependencies installed, and then compile the package in your workspace. Now you should be able to run and launch nodes in this package (assuming you've sourced your workspace's setup.bash).