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Here are a few typical checklist items for a multiple machine setup:

  • Is the network setup correct (i.e. does communication work bidirectionally)? If it is wrong, it sometimes is possible to list topics on a machine for instance, but no data can be received when subscribing.

  • Is there a timesync offset? If clocks between machines are not synced all sorts of weird things can happen due to components waiting for tf much longer than they should (or failing completely).

  • Is CPU consumption on one of the machines much too high (A low power ARM CPU could be overburdened and unable to keep up)?

  • Is bandwidth good enough so all data can be transfered (If the transmitted bandwidth is close to maximum there's a pretty good chance of comms dropouts).

Also, I think you refer solely to move_base here? If so, you should probably edit your question to replace all references to "move_group" (which is part of MoveIt! arm motion planning and unrelated to move_base).