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To 1:

This indicates that you don't have the rosws on your PATH or not installed. Due to your second question, I assume the latter.

To 2: Is this actually the only error message? If so, have you tried what it says there, i.e. have you tried to update your package definitions with sudo apt-get update? Then try to install again with sudo apt-get install python-rosinstall. This will most probably fix the issue.

On a side note: Fuerte is a VERY old ROS distro by now. I would suggest to start with ROS Indigo (if you want an LTS version) or ROS Jade (for the latest one). If you are stuck on Ubuntu 12.04 for whatever reason, at least try ROS Hydro... (and then, after Fuerte, there was even another one: Groovy. So with Fuerte you are actually behind by 4(!) releases and you will NOT receive any updates!)