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You are correct in that you can't use the _remove_gravitational_acceleration parameter if your IMU doesn't provide orientation. However, note that yaw is not used in the calculation of the gravity vector correction. Imagine your robot is on a ramp and facing north. The gravity vector will be split into two components: X (forward) and Z (downward). Now imagine the ramp is facing east. The gravity vector still only comprises X and Z components of linear acceleration. Only your roll and pitch angles will make any difference in removing the gravity vector, so if you have orientation data, I'd include it in your IMU message.

A few notes:

  1. If your IMU is mounted in a non-neutral orientation (i.e., +X doesn't face the front of the robot, or +Y doesn't face the left), then you need to make sure you capture that orientation in the base_link->imu static transform.
  2. Make sure your IMU conforms to the standards laid out in the wiki.
  3. For your case, your robot can only attain +/- X velocity in the body frame (disregarding slippage or sudden drops do to, e.g., a curb). This is also true for linear acceleration. There's no sense in fusing Z or Y acceleration if the robot isn't going to be able to move instantaneously in those directions.