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I believe (and if I'm wrong, I'd really appreciate being corrected!) it's because a button isn't associated with any default representation. That's not the case with MOVE_AXIS (represented by an arrow marker), ROTATE_AXIS (represented by a disc), etc.

I'm not sure I'm phrasing this right, but -- with no marker representation, there's no Ogre object (not for visualization, nor for locating in the virtual world, nor for locating on the projected ray under the mouse cursor, etc.).

This is borne out by looking at the autoComplete method in tools.cpp (that's a link to the source code; the method starts at line 101) in the interactive_markers package. You'll see the switch that fills in the default markers for all interaction_mode types except BUTTON (and the 3D types; not sure what happens with those) starting at line 114.

Don't ask me to trace how that ends up being's complicated. I'm pretty sure I've done it before, don't really remember the data path anymore, and don't want to do it again unless I have to. :)