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I think ar_kinect is a rosbuild package in the first place, in which case I'm not sure it should be installed in a catkin workspace. Try configuring a indigo_workspace (through the rosbuild system), and installing your package there.

A couple of suggestions - (Could you post an English version of the above message? There's a couple of lines I can't follow, sorry.)

Try using the ar_tools package containing ar_toolkit and ar_pose, rather than the ar_kinect. The developer himself says that those are more generic systems. Also, there is a neat package that I've used before, ar_track_alvar, which provides similar (and additional) functionality. Try that out. You might also want to install the debian versions of ar_track_alvar (sudo apt-get install ros blah blah blah), for which you will not need to compile the source.

I suggest trying to go through a good ros book before that though, so you don't waste time figuriing out things.