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The operator is not connected to the laser scanner. It needs it to update the local costmap for obstacle avoidance. In your costmap.yaml, the observation_source is defined incorrectly. Should be: "observation_sources: scan". You should visualize the costmap in RVIZ to see if the local costmap (not the global map from the mapper) is built correctly.

Before you start any navigation task (setting a goal via RVIZ or explore) you should move the robot a bit forward, (with a joystick or by calling "rosservice call /StartMapping 3")

In your mapper.yaml you have "range_threshold: 4.0". This is VERY little for a Hokuyo-Scanner! This is the reason your global map is so small and has a lot of holes in it. Use at least 10 meter. (Hokuyo can easily go up to 30 meter)