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The rqt_robot_steering plugin is similar to what you describe/show, but doesn't have the circular dpad. It also publishes Twist messages, so rate of turn and linear velocity are proportional to how much the scroll bars are turned up or down. From your image I gather that the dpad is on/off only, and that velocities are set using the sliders on the left.

The ROS Android Teleop app does have a circular dpad, which could make control of a differential drive robot easier than the sliders of rqt_robot_steering. It also includes a simple image_view like component for streaming video.

before starting to write my own plugin for rqt/rviz I would like to know if I'm not going to do something that exists.

Well, there are at least the above two.

Perhaps updating / extending rqt_robot_steering with a dpad control would be nice.

In any case I'd go for an rqt plugin.