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Your code works for me just fine on Indigo on Ubuntu 14.04.

Make sure you're sourcing your workspace correctly and using the correct name when searching for your packages. It's easy to screw up, and I actually messed it up myself when I was testing your code.

First I deleted your existing build and devel folders, just to make sure I was starting fresh. Then, using notes I've kept for building packages, this is what I did.

mkdir -p ~/testopenTLD/src
cd ~/testopenTLD/src
cd ..
echo "source ~/testopenTLD/devel/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrc

At this point I opened a new bash terminal to ensure the update .bashrc was loaded and confirmed your packages were accessable with:

rospack list | grep -i tld

and I see:

tld_msgs /home/chris/testopenTLD/src/ros_opentld/tld_msgs
tld_tracker /home/chris/testopenTLD/src/ros_opentld/tld_tracker