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This question doesn't seem specific to ROS. SSH (Secure Shell) is simply a way to connect from one host (computer) to another. Presumably the host you want to connect to has a login/password you can use to gain access. You didn't provide many details so I'll need to guess you are using Ubuntu. When you say "local's password" it almost sounds like you are trying to login to a host with a username of 'local'. By default it should use the username you are logged into a system as already, or can be provided a '-l' argument to provide a different username.

cros@hostnameA:~$ ssh hostnameB
cros@hostnameB's password: 

<your_username>@<your_hostname>:~$ ssh -l <diff_username> <another_hostname>

If you are new to linux,etc. I recommend starting with an introduction to SSH such as this one I randomly googled for...

This guide for Ubuntu provides you some tutorials for basic operations of adding accounts, setting/changing passwords, etc. if you need help with that.

Best of luck.