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Hi Martin, this isn't the appropriate way to advertise a contribution such as this, if you would like to use ros answers for this then you should ask a question and answer it yourself, for example see:

On another note, any time you are distributing a binary, you need to provide details like how you created the image and how someone else could reproduce it. While I'm certain that your intentions are pure, without some sort of signing it would be very easy for someone to advertise such an image which intentionally or unintentionally contains malicious software. By providing a way for others to reproduce it, you can get independent validation and build trust in your image.

More importantly, while a binary image is certainly useful, it would be good to have instructions on how to do this so that others can build on what you've done and improve the solution that way. It is very hard for someone to reproduce and iterate on a binary image. I would recommend you just detail the steps you used to create the image on a wiki page, similar to something like the UDOO instructions: