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A few days ago, I faced the same problem, too. And I solved the problem by the method below:

Go to the file directory´╝Ü/etc/udev/rules.d/, and see whether it has the file named " 50-usb-serial.rules ", well, in my computer, there is no this file, thus I created the file, below is the steps:

  1. $ cd /etc/udev/rules.d/
  2. $ sudo touch 50-usb-serial.rules
  3. $ sudo gedit 50-usb-serial.rules

And in the file that is opened by the GEdit, write these words: KERNEL=="ttyUSB0", GROUP="turtlebot", MODE="0666" ( in these words, the word " turtlebot " is my user name)

some one told me that after this, I should run this command: " sudo /etc/init.d/udev restart " , but I did not run this command and it worked, too.

(sorry for my poor English, but I really hope that could help you )