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Even in a multi-turtlebot individual agent scenario I'd still prefer the route of having a central master (e.g. on a pc). Note that this master doesn't stop p2p communications, it's just a landing bay for communication registrations that make it easy to introspect the robot to robot communications. There you can use all the usual tools like rostopic, rviz, rqt_graph, etc. In this case:

1) For sending messages via the central master registry, have every robot flip a publisher to the central share.

2) For listening to messages landing via the central master registry, have every robot flip a subscriber to the central share

Without the central master I imagine you'll have to do alot of ssh'ing around.

1) For broadcasting to all its own position share, you'd advertise your own publisher.

2) For listening to another robot_id's position share, you'd pull their publisher in.

You could feasibly achieve the same effect with subscribers instead, but it doesn't feel as intuitive. Publishers are also problem free - subscribers come with some fine print with regards to multimaster usage.