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I may have spotted an issue; my installation of ros-electric seems to only come with pcl-1.1, while the newer classes and the pcl::search namespace only exist in more recent releases of pcl. (Is it generally the case that ros-electric only has pcl-1.1?)

I've downloaded and installed pcl 1.4 and copy and pasting the usr/include directory 'pcl-1.4' into the includes directory of the 'pcl' package in the 'perception_pcl' stack to replace the 'pcl-1.1' directory. Then adding '#include < pcl/search/kdtree.h >' allows the file to compile successfully.

Pasting pcl-1.4 files into the pcl package is pretty crude, and I haven't been able to test the code yet so other problems might have been introduced. Does anyone have a suggestion of a better method?